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Fall 2010 EMT Graduation - Goshen Fire Company
Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Chester County EMS Training Institute held its Fall 2010 EMT Graduation on December 16th at The Goshen Fire Company Supplee Hall. The evening’s master of ceremonies Rob Linnenbaugh, EMS Training Coordinator welcomed the 100 family members, friends, and colleagues to the celebration. Those in attendance were thanked for their dedication to the student for braving the elements and coming out on a snowy and cold evening. The evening started with remarks from Field Services, Deputy Director Stephen S. Webb. Edward J. Atkins, Director of Chester County Department of Emergency Services provided Keynote address to the graduates, talking about their accomplishment and the need to strive for more. He referenced a conversation with an old pilot friend; comparing their EMT cards to a private pilot’s license. They are both a license to learn, and the graduates need to take advantage of this license and learn all they can. Director Atkins and Deputy Director Webb awarded the certificates to all the graduates: Carolyn Carter, Kevin Collette, Sigmund Fleck, Mireya Frank, Teaghan Fredericks, Nicholas Hoopes, Shana Howard, Beth Kates, Andrew McCullin, Nina Miller, Kathleen Renaud, Jose Santiago, Michael Schwind, and Olivia Smith. Following the presentation, EMS Training Coordinator Linnenbaugh recognized the lead instructors Michael Groover and Ernie Powell. Without their organization we would have had no graduates tonight. Michael Groover with the assistance of Coordinator Linnenbaugh awarded the class awards. Perfect attendance went to Andrew McCullin and Olivia Smith. The academic achievement awards went to Sigmund Fleck. Those in attendance were treated to a nice reflection of Sigmund thoughts on the whole education process. He charged his fellow students to be the do-ers now that they have their certification. Lead Instructor Groover also gave two additional awards to Sigmund Fleck and Jose Santiago for their overall leadership. Robert Linnenbaugh introduced and thanked the Instructors who had part in helping the students become EMT’s. Without such a professional, experienced, and knowledgeable group there is no way we would be able to run our classes at the training institute. The ceremony was completed with the presentation of the Class #10-63-459 to the audience. All in attendance remained for some light refreshments and fellowship. The staff and instructors from the Chester County EMS Training Institute would like to congratulate the entire graduating class.

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