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Chester County EMS Council, Inc. 13th Annual Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday May 24, 2017 the Chester County EMS Council, Inc. held its 13th Annual Awards Ceremony to honor outstanding achievements by emergency services providers in Chester County over the past year.  Over 300 were in attendance to honor these providers and National EMS Week.  This year’s slogan is EMS Strong – Always in Service.  The volunteer and staff providers of Chester County do this slogan proud every day and I cannot thank them enough for their service.  A special thanks to our supporters who helped make this evening a success: Paoli Hospital, Brandywine Hospital, Chester County Hospital, Phoenixville Hospital, Brandywine Hospital Foundation, the Witmer Public Safety Group, Minquas Fire Company, Uwchlan Ambulance Corps. and Malvern Fire Company EMS.  Congratulations to all of the winners and all of those who serve in EMS and the emergency services. 

Clinical Save Commendation Winners: Robert Esposito, David Morrow, Kelly Motter, Michael Gerisch, Joseph Montgomery, Danielle Hughes, James Worth, Brandon Bullard, Michael Whisler, Jerry Peters, Adrianne Pohar, Kyle O’Brien, Hope Bernhardy, Ian Sadock, Kenneth Mason, Kerri Barrett, Nicholas Melchiorre, Kala Klaus, William McMullin, Jerry Peters, Ian Saddock, Kala Klaus, Nicholas Melchiorre, Michael Schwind, Suzanne Conlin, Jeffrey Hood, Jessica Heale, Joseph Tomaselli, Charles Aaron, William Dill, Justin Schultz, Wister T. Bryant, Andrae Reason, Brandon Dague, Craig Shaffer, Tim Hornberger, Robert Cazillo, Christopher Dunlap, Stuart Dixon, Jerard Linneman, Melody Kachel, Scott Thornton, David High, Officer Joshua Whisler, Off. Chris Sombuco, Off. Joe Carboni, Elizabeth McCall, Jerry Peters, Mary Kate Tonetti, Kevin O’Connell, Charles Brogan, Sgt. Glenn Cockerham, Ptlm. Jonathon Stewart, Matthew Cole, Chris Totaro, Christopher Bickings, Sheryl Drach, Off. Eric Meoli, Off. Donald Molieux, Christopher Eno, Vincent Passerini, Joseph Carmen, Jeffrey Zeiber, Lori Plank, Brian Barrett, Joseph Carmen, Craig Shaffer, Jonathan Herbsleb, April Locke, Kevin Carr, Frank Piscitello, Michael Schmit, Amy Large, Connor Weisbord, Off. Edmund Lewis, Off. David Hale, Tyler Bell, Michael Kopp, Adrianne Pohar, Joseph Colace, Jay Train, Emily Ridall, Krysta Nihart, Michael Wolfinger, Kenneth Boyd, Off. Joel Williams, Off. Scott Neuhaus, Off. Roger Meinhart, Dany Syme, Saveria Sardone, Brian Vickers, Matthew Staud, Justin Gattorno, Alyssa Demarco, Vincent Passerini, Lori Plank, Daniel Syme, John Ripple, Charles Foy Jr., Chris Plumley, Christopher Bickings, Michael Baskin, Scott Kramer, Carl Weisbecker, Evan Brazunas, William Dill, George Morris, Robert March, Everett Carpenter, Tim Hornberger, Mike Borrello, Paul Brown, Dominique Saturno, Ian Saddock, Connor Weisbord, Tpr. Adam Dickinson, Eric Nowaczyk, Thomas Dobbins, Edward Dickinson, Gregory Lewis, Alexander McCarthy, Eric Fedor, Andrew Conway, Biagio Trama, Wilbur Emmons, Jerry Peters, Michelle Hamrick, William McMullin, Kevin O’Connell, Ronald Immel, Off. Michael Cotter, Off. Robert Gilbert, Matthew Eick, Leonard Brown, Gabriel Gray, Jenny Schroder, John Plecenik, Sean Carter, Christopher Plumley, Robin Tome, Tammy Whiteman, Kimberly Harvey, Brian Vickers, Matthew Staud, Elwood Adams, James Worth, Timothy Wert, Amanda Baker, Richard Constantine, Off. Rhonda Carroll, Michael Maguire, Gabriel Gray, Matthew Imming, Kevin McCarthy, Alex Christ, Keith Whitely, Bryan Franks, Elizabeth McCall, Michael Syska, James Forwood, Michael Whisler, Donald Keith, Stephanie Biondi, Mark Leva, Bryan Franks, Richard Franks, Off. Mario Raimato, Off. Chris Connelly, Tammy Whiteman, Charles Foy Jr., Michael Decker, Jeffrey Urbanik, Danielle Hughes, Catherine Rawlings, Gabriel Gray, Michael Maguire, Stephen Nuse, Daniel Deans, Nicholas Ott, Jason Griffith

Life-Saving Clinical Excellence Commendations Winners: Kevin McCarthy, Christina Rowley, Jessica Heale, Rory Mansfield, Jeffrey Hood, John Crowley, Jon Paul Staley, Richard Lopez, Doug Gable, Cody Gable, Erik Kiley, David Smith, Kevin Gordon, Off. Richard Fagley, Det. Patrick Ehmann, Michael Whisler, Ashley Marchetti, Kyle Ostrowski, Off. Ryan Gill, Off. Jason Burton, Alex Christ, Keith Whitely, Bryan Franks, Elizabeth McCall, Jonathan Palmos

Pre-Hospital Delivery Commendations: Jill Bright, Adam Pozza, Regina Solecki, Brandon Felldin, Alexander McCarthy, Theresa Delp, Christopher Eno, Christopher Dunlap, Alex Christ, Keith Whitely, Bryan Franks, Elizabeth McCall, Marc Perry, Paul Brown, Keith Laws

BLS Provider of the Year: Nicholas V. Melchiorre             

ALS Provider of the Year: Amanda L. Baker                                 

Citizens Award: Taylor England, Allison Keeports, Melissa Robinson, Angela Peterson, Sarah Fryberger, Kalli Krier, Mason Baer

Tele-Communicator of the Year: William S. McLimans                

EMS Educator of the Year: James F. Reagan       

Nicholas H. S Campbell Meritorious Service / EMS Leadership Award: Keith V. Johnson      

Distinguished Service Award of the Year: Washington Hose Company No. 1

Medal of Valor: Michael Borrello, Sgt. Joseph Burt, Cpt. Greg Stone, Sgt. Brian Griesser, Off.Robert Edwards, Off. Wesley Holman, Mark Scanlon, Alexander McCarthy, Neil Vaughn

Distinguished Provider of the Year: Thomas M. Amico                           

President’s Award: Andrew O’Donnell, Tammy J. Whiteman        

Margaret Hoover Brigham Award: Judith L. Kaplan

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