Renewal (Re-Registration) of your EMS Certification

Is your certification due to expire at the end of this quarter? It is now your
responsibility to request re-registration of your EMS Certification.
Follow these simple steps to re-register your certification prior to 4/1/2018:

  1. If you have not logged into the new EMS Registry since January 24, 2018, follow the steps
    outlined below for your initial log in. If you have already completed you initial log in to the
    new EMS Registry, skip to section 2.

    • Go to
    • Login with your new login credentials:
    • User ID = prefix “pa” followed by your 6-digit PA certification number (i.e. pa123456)
    • Temporary Password = Password1
    • Click login
    • Create a new password
    • Enter the last 4-digits of your social security number
    • Click “return to login”
    • Utilize your User ID and your new password just created by you
    • Choose your security questions and provider answers to each
    • Answer any demographic questions
    • Log into the EMS Portal
    • Click on Agency/ConED/Registry (by the blue Star of Life) – this is the EMS Registry
  2. Within 90 days of your EMS certification expiration date, all EMS Providers are now
    required to submit an electronic application for re-registration. Each provider will need to log
    into their respective EMS Registry profile and request re-registration by completing the
    following steps.
  3. Log into the EMS Portal
    • Go to:
    • Login with your new login credentials
    • Click on the “Agency/ConED/Registry” icon (by the blue Star of Life) – this is the EMS Registry (Once in the Registry, there is also a complete tutorial available on the main grey menu bar at the top of the page: click “Help”, then “Job Aids”, the “Reregistration”
  4. Select “EMS Practitioner” from the main grey menu bar at the top of the page, then select “My EMS Practitioner Record”
    • From the “Applicant Data/General Information” tab – ensure all your demographic information is complete (including your S.S. #) and accurate
  5. Click on the “EMS Application” tab and scroll down to the CPR Card section
    • Enter Issue Date
    • Enter Expiration Date
    • Enter Course (if your course isn’t listed here, it isn’t PA approved and you cannot move forward)
    • Enter Training Center Name or Institute Number
    • Enter Instructor Name
    • Optional: Upload your CPR card. NOTE: The regional EMS council will now audit a percentage of CPR card information each quarter for accuracy, if you upload your card, it decreases your likelihood of being audited.
    • Click Update CPR
  6. Click on the “ConEd” tab, and scroll down to the “Con Ed Summary” section to verify that you have met your CEU requirement (NOTE: the EMSVO filter is currently turned off, so you will renew with or without EMSVO CEUs – for this registration period only).
  7. Once you have confirmed this information:
    • Return to the “Application Data” tab
    • Scroll to the “Criminal History/Disciplianry Actions” section and answer the questions
    • Then scroll further down to the “Manage My Certification” section and choose “ReRegistration” from the drop down menu
    • Select the certification(s) you are looking to re-register. For example: if you are an EMT and you have the EMSVO Endorsement on your card then place a checkbox in both certifications. Note: For ALS level providers who are also certified EMS Instructors, please remember that the expiration date for your primary EMS certification and the expiration date for your EMS Instructor certification will remain on non-synching registration periods – so you will have to re-register them separately.
    • Place a checkmark in the checkbox that says “I want to apply for reregistration”
    • Click recertify
    • Confirm reregister? Click ok
  8. You will notice, once this process is completed, if you look above the tabs a new issue and expiration date will appear relative to your certification. Your regional EMS council will print and mail your re-registration materials to the address in your EMS Registry profile.

We thank you for your patience during the transition to a new EMS Registry system. As always, if
you encounter an issue with utilizing the new system please contact Christy Kouba
( / 610-344-5009) or Harry Moore (hemoore@chesco,org / 610-344-
5049) for assistance.