What is the Chester County EMS Council?

It is a not-for-profit organization established under Commonwealth of Pennsylvania legislation to act as a local regulatory body that assists the Department of Health with local EMS organizations throughout the EMS region.

Who Are The Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are elected from the general body of the Council membership. There are specific by-laws which identify the duties and terms of members of the Board. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to approve and oversee the Council’s various work programs and projects and guide the Council through the future of EMS in our region. The Board also is the governing body that employs the Council’s professional staff.

How Does The Council Function?

The Council employs an Executive Director and support staff that conducts inspections, facilitates quality assurance programs and also assists other EMS organizations such as Communications Centers, in obtaining grants for equipment & training. The Council also provides technical assistance to various EMS Services.

Is anyone able to go to an EMS Council Meeting?

Yes, any EMS provider can attend. Normally there is one representative from each service in the county to attend but is not limited to only one.

What is the required equipement list for licensure?

Go to http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/emergency_medical_services/14138/ems_regulations/556947 and click on ‘Required Ground and Air Ambulance Equipment and Supplies’

How does a provider check his/her con ed credits?

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has updated their web page with all important information needed for EMS providers. Below you will find directions on how to access the following…

The main website is as follows:

  • www.health.state.pa.us/ems
  • Click on ‘Health Services & Resources’
  • Click on ‘EMS’
  • Click on ‘EMS in PA’

From there you can access the following:

‘New EMS Practitioner Registry’

Continuing Education processing system called EMS Registry is where a practitioner can now log on to view their own continuing education credits/record.

‘Learning Management System’

Once registered, the user will receive a user name and password by email and they may log onto the site at www.paprepared.net to begin taking education courses. After successful completion of a class, it will be automatically uploaded to your state continuing education file/record.


If your EMS certification has expired and you wish to renew it, what do you do?

You may complete continuing education credits (First responders will need a minimum of 16 credits with at least 8 in the medical/trauma category; and EMT’s will need a minimum of 24 con-ed credits with at least 12 in the medical/trauma category) AND contact your home Regional EMS Council, Fred Wurster, for a re-instatement packet.

If you are interested in obtaining a Pennsylvania EMT or Paramedic certification and you are currently certified in another state, you may apply for reciprocity.

The individual requesting reciprocity should contact Fred Wurster at the Regional Council directly to request an application to be mailed to them.