What is the Chester County EMS Council?

It is a not-for-profit organization established under Commonwealth of Pennsylvania legislation to act as a local regulatory body that assists the Department of Health with local EMS organizations throughout the EMS region.

Who Are The Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are elected from the general body of the Council membership. There are specific by-laws which identify the duties and terms of members of the Board. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to approve and oversee the Council’s various work programs and projects and guide the Council through the future of EMS in our region. The Board also is the governing body that employs the Council’s professional staff.

How Does The Council Function?

The Council employs an Executive Director and support staff that conducts inspections, facilitates quality assurance programs and also assists other EMS organizations such as Communications Centers, in obtaining grants for equipment & training. The Council also provides technical assistance to various EMS Services.

Is anyone able to go to an EMS Council Meeting?

Yes, any EMS provider can attend. Normally there is one representative from each service in the county to attend but is not limited to only one.

What is the required equipment list for licensure?

The Pa Bulletin posts the most up to date list of vehicle, equipment and supply requirements for EMS agencies in PA.  The latest version can be accessed at: http://pehsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Required-Equipment-List_061717.pdf

What are the approved and required medications for EMS agencies and providers in Pennsylvania?

The PA Bulletin posts the most up to date list of medications for EMS agencies and providers.  The latest version can be accessed at:  http://pehsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Approved-Medication-List_061017.pdf

What is the PA EMS Registry?

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, has developed a new EMS Registry System.  Below are highlights of changes with the new system that may affect you as a provider, continuing education sponsor, or educational institute. Within the new system is a help menu that has videos and how-to guides to help you navigate the EMS Registry. Please consult the help menu prior to contacting your regional EMS council.

Logging in to the new system
1. The website address will remain the same http://ems.health.state.pa.us/emsportal/
2. Your new USER ID will be PA followed by your cert number (PA######). This is not case sensitive. You will not be able to change your user ID.  (With the exception of User IDs used for ambulance licensure, your old User ID will not work)
3. The temporary password will be “Password1”
4. Upon initial log in you will be prompted to verify your identity using the last 4 digits of your social security number, and change your password.
5. When you log in with the new password you will have to update your profile and set up 3 security questions that will be used in the event you need to unlock your account or reset your password.
6. Each individual will have only one User ID that will be utilized for their personal record and any organizations they may be affiliated with.

Reregistration (Recertification)
In compliance with the EMS Systems Act Rules and Regulations, providers will now be required to log in to the EMS Registry to re-register their certification. Re-registration will no longer be automatic.
– Providers can re-register within 90 days of their expiration
– Must have valid and current CPR card data on their provider record
– Meet all continuing education requirements for the certification they are trying to renew

CPR Cards
Providers will now enter their own CPR card information on the EMS Application Tab in their provider record. Regional councils will no longer be collecting copies of everyone’s CPR cards. Providers will be subject to audit by regional councils. There is an optional upload feature to upload a copy of your CPR card if you wish, or upon audit by the regional council.

Continuing Education by Endorsement Applications
The continuing education by endorsement process has been streamlined into an electronic application that can be found at the bottom of the Con Ed tab in your provider profile.

Continuing Education Certificates
Certificates for Continuing Education Classes will now be available for download from your provider record. As soon as a Continuing Education Sponsor finalizes a roster, your certificate will be available. Classes taken on Train PA will not have certificates available in the EMS Registry, you will need to obtain those certificates from your Train PA account.

Ed Institutes and Continuing Education Sponsors
Educational Institutes and Continuing Education Sponsors will now be required to submit all rosters for classes via the EMS Registry System.

User Management
Organizations will now have the ability to assign user roles to their own personnel within their organization. The regional EMS council will associate the primary user and that person will be responsible for assigning user rights to the rest of their organization as appropriate.

Continuing Education Certificates
Once a roster is finalized by a Continuing Education Sponsor, that record will populate immediately to the providers record and they will have the ability to download a copy of the certificate for that class.

EMS Applications
As a general rule, any application that was previously submitted via paper will be completed in the EMS Registry System with document uploads where required

EMS Agencies
EMS Agency licensure will not be transitioned to the new EMS Registry system until
Summer of 2018. EMS agencies will continue to use their current log in credentials for
the EMS agency application.

If you are interested in obtaining a Pennsylvania EMT, AEMT or Paramedic certification and you are currently certified in another state, you may apply for reciprocity (certification by endorsement.

The individual requesting reciprocity should contact Heather Gulsby-Steiner at the Chester County Regional Council directly to request an application to be mailed to them.