EMS Registry Upgrade

From: Harry Moore, Deputy Director for EMS

As you’re hopefully aware, the current version of the PA EMS Registry system will go off-line at noon tomorrow (1/12/18), and be replaced next Tuesday (1/23/18) with a newly revised version.  As a reminder, during the time period from noon on 1/12/18 through noon on 1/23/18, there will be no access to the PA EMS Registry, for either providers or regional council staff.  The new EMS Registry will bring a wide variety of enhancements to the current outdated system, but will shift more responsibility to the end user.  As an example, the certification re-registration process will shift from a passive process (i.e. as long as you met your CEU requirement at your expiration date, we mailed you a new card), to an active process (you will have to log in and request to be re-registered and answer validation questions).  We will have additional information after the new system is up and running, as the beta test system we’re currently learning on doesn’t include full functionality.  We tentatively have scheduled an afternoon and evening educational session at the Public Safety Training Campus on February 13th for anyone interested in a hands-on walk through of the new system.  We will confirm that date after we have confirmation that the transition is completed and successful.

As we work through the beta test system, we are seeing some anomalies in the provider status reports, where some CEUs credited in the current system are not transferring to the new system.  This issue may be resolved during cut-over, but as a precaution, we recommend that providers log into the current system and print a current status report prior to noon tomorrow.  This will help us resolve any issues should they linger post cut-over.  Please distribute this information widely.  I’m assuming that everyone at this point knows how to log in and print a status report, but if not, have them reach out.

We ask for your continued patience and cooperation as we make this transition.