2022 EMS Council Elections

Tonight our Board of Directors meetings and regularly scheduled council meetings occurred, both were very well attended. We conducted our annual elections, the following members were elected to the Board of Directors:

ALS Representatives:

Chaz Brogan (55)

Matt Eick (25)

BLS Representative:

Steve Nuse (23)

Members at Large:

Frank Sullivan (Individual)

Fred Wurster (Individual)

The Board of Directors met following the election and appointed the members below to serve as the executive board for 2022:

President: Chaz Brogan

Vice President: Matt Eick

Secretary: Fred Wurster

Treasurer: Gary Vinnacombe

A big thank you to outgoing Board Member Frank Piscitello for his several years of service to the Board and as Secretary. A big welcome to Steve Nuse into his new Board Member spot. Thank you to the members and board for an exciting and productive year, we’re very excited about 2022!