Leadership Awards and Scholarships Available for Emergency Responders

The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation (YLD) is currently accepting applications for its 2017 Leadership Awards and Scholarships. The awards are in memory of Deputy Fire Chief James G. Yvorra, Emergency Medical Technician Donald E. Sellers, and Chief John M. Eversole. The program is open to members of Emergency Services organizations such as Fire & Rescue Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management Agencies, Homeland Security, and members of the U.S. active duty military, and National Guard who have an emergency preparedness and response job description; e.g. firefighter, medic, disaster preparedness, etc.

Annual awards are approximately $2,500 each. Special awards of greater value may be issued for leadership development related projects proposed by individuals or groups.

Since 1989, YLD has awarded $148,000 to over 93 award recipients.

To request an application go to http://www.yld.org and click on “Application”. The deadline for applications is October 30, 2017 and awards are made before January 1, 2018

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