Message from Deputy Secretary Raphael Barishansky in reference to self dispatching/deployment to Texas

Sent on behalf of Deputy Secretary Raphael Barishansky, Acting Bureau Director Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of EMS

While our thoughts are with those who are experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the Bureau asks that agencies and providers not self-deploy or self-dispatch to the impacted areas. Self-deploying or self-dispatching has the potential to create unnecessary problems for not only the responders/agency but also for the citizens of Texas. If a formal request is received by the Department of Health through the appropriate channels, please rest assured that the Commonwealth’s EMS system will assist the State of Texas as appropriate. Should you or your agency wish to help please see:

Click to access FEMA-Private-Sector-Advisory-How-to-Help-Disaster-Survivors-in-Texas-29Aug2017.pdf

The Department of Health thanks you for your dedication not only to the citizens of Pennsylvania but to those of other states impacted by the disaster.